Educational laboratories, specialized vehicle training equipment sets,
and training equipmentavailable for direct purchase from the manufacturer.


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  • Are you looking for educational equipment for schools or laboratories, training toolkits or illustrative materials?
  • Do you need ground transport vehicle simulators to train drivers and operators for specialized vehicles?
  • Are you interested ininexpensivestandardtraining equipment set with delivery option?

You've found what you were looking for – various training equipment sets by Sirius Group LLC are waiting for you!

Sirius Group - your center of educational equipment

Sirius Group companies - actively operating center training equipment . We have been working since 2008 and offers its customers every possible training equipment and aids for different purposes. Our product range includes:

  • any school equipment (including furniture);
  • training equipment for vocational schools and universities;
  • Equipments for different laboratories : educational and designed to equip government and commercial organizations;
  • educational technology equipment ;
  • training simulator equipment;
  • Training and Production Equipment

In addition, we offer:

Ordering visual, industrial or any teaching and laboratory equipment , you can specify the delivery of a number of related products: stands, furniture, application software, anatomical models, posters.

Four "for" supply teaching equipment "Group" Sirius "companies

If you are interested in the delivery of training equipment , we can:

  • order design of any training equipment and simulators, the development of new tools and stands;
  • buy ready-made kits of educational equipment and tools, as well as related products, or to order their production. Moreover, the own production of training equipment allows you to take orders for delivery not only sets the standard, but also made ??on an individual project. We can issue the order for the equipment cabinets on any subject and full equipping of laboratories in the non-standard equipment. A similar service is offered Russian companies unit selling educational equipment for schools and colleges, and universities for different profiles of centers of excellence;
  • stipulate the delivery of : any equipment for classrooms and laboratories available in the shortest possible time;
  • get advice . Professional advice will allow you to choose the managers of educational and visual equipment for specific requests.

Features of the proposed training equipment

All educational equipment for schools , vocational schools and schools, laboratories and companies supplied "GC" Sirius "

  • certified;
  • and complies with the requirements of the Ministry of Education;
  • meets sanitary standards;
  • distinguished by high quality, reliability and long life. Note that to the educational equipment requirements are observed strictly

The cost of sold us teaching and laboratory equipment, simulators and other goods available for consumers, and corresponds to the quality. To training equipment to buy now, please go to the corresponding page of our website and order it. After processing the applications training equipment will go to the specified address!